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As one of the most distinguished business schools, earning an MBA at Wharton is a dream of many people who want to study under the guidance of the best in their field. Getting a place on the program, therefore, is extremely competitive and unless you really understand the requirements and procedure of how to get onto Wharton’s MBA program, your chances of being accepted are reduced. A major part of the process is ensuring that you have all the necessary documents to hand before you start the application process and that it is submitted on time.

What Are the Admission Criteria for Wharton Business School?

As with most other highly sought after programs like the Harvard business school MBA, admission to Wharton requires that you meet a certain standard. While your Wharton application MBA should demonstrate that you have an interest in business and show leadership qualities, you will also need evidence of course in mathematics. Before you can submit your Wharton application MBA, you will first need to create an account via their official website. The timeline and deadlines for submitting your application and all supporting documents are clearly displayed, giving you the option of which round you want to participate in (1,2 or 3). To meet the admission criteria for Wharton business school, your application will need to include:

  • Nonrefundable $265 application fee
  • Two Wharton MBA application essays
  • Transcripts of all previous academic work completed
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • GMAT and GRE test results that are no older than 5 years
  • English language test results if applicable
  • Resume
  • Undergraduate or international baccalaureate degree

tips in how to get into wharton mba program

Getting noticed above other applicants for a place on the Wharton MBA program at The University of Pennsylvania is not going to be easy. You will be competing against many people who are as qualified as you or higher and may have a more prolific resume to support their application.  While these qualities are not the only deciding factors when admission review boards make their decision on who they want to attend a Wharton MBA interview, they do go a long way.

Similarly, by taking a look at last year’s Wharton MBA stats for enrollment, you can see exactly the types of candidates you will be compared with:

  • Applicants: 6,692
  • Enrollment: 863 (9%)
  • 3.6 average GPA
  • Anverage GMAT score of 730

Ways in Which to Improve Your Chances of Being Selected

Unfortunately, not all who apply for a place on the Wharton MBA program will be accepted. Many hopeful candidates will not even have their application looked at for failing to meet requirements or not paying close attention to the academic calendar. Understanding when to apply and have your documents ready for surrender is vital in any application and you should always be ready for anything. Here is a list of the main areas which often lets down an application:

  • Always double check when your application should be submitted and make sure you are aware of all cutoff dates and when individual documents need to be received by.
  • Approach your referees early for their letters of recommendation so there is ample time to have them thoroughly checked through for errors.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to write your Wharton MBA application essays. By visiting their website you can find out what the prompts are for the upcoming application, giving yourself more time to focus on them.
  • Review your resume and rewrite it if necessary so that it is specifically targeted in supporting your MBA application. Leave out anything that is irrelevant.
  • Never lie or exaggerate on any part of your application or supporting documents. If you are invited to attend a Wharton MBA interview, most of the questions asked will be centered on the information you provided and lies will quickly be discovered.
  • When filling out the application form, answer every question as thoroughly as you can and double-check everything for spelling for mistakes. Obvious or frequent errors will result in your application being binned.

Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes says:

“The Wharton School was the first collegiate school of business established in 1881 when iron miner Joseph Wharton donated $100,000 to U Penn to found a “School of Finance and Economy.” These days most Wharton MBA students head to finance or consulting jobs upon graduation (79% of the class of 2012), which traditionally are the most lucrative areas for MBAs. The concentration in these sectors pushed Wharton’s current total compensation for the class of 2012 to the highest of any school in the world at $225,000.”

How to Get into the Wharton MBA Program?

Competing against so many other candidates for a place in this prestigious school is going to require an outstanding application that will be thoroughly checked through by an admissions review board. Your sole aim therefore to earn a Wharton MBA acceptance is to ensure that every document you supply represents you in the best way. By letting our experts take a look at your application, they can ensure that you are represented in the best possible way. That every document is professionally written and presented with no errors while always showing off your potential and suitability for their school. You can also read about Harvard business school MBA admission.

How to get into Wharton MBA program? Go through a review of the application and find the answer!

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