What You Need to Know about Harvard Business School MBA Admission

Why Might You Need Our Help with the Harvard Business School MBA Admission Process?

The Harvard Business School is probably the most prestigious of all colleges that offer an MBA program in the USA and is an instantly recognizable name all around the world. It’s no wonder then that so many people set their sights on trying to win the attention of the Harvard business school MBA admissions board to gain entrance. As you would expect, however, because the competition is very high, it will take an amazing application package to be singled out which is not something that everyone is capable of. Unlike say the Boston University MBA admissions review team who may allow a casual error to slip through, at Harvard, you can be sure that every part of your application will be scrutinized very closely with any errors being cause for rejection.

As the Harvard business school mission statement would suggest:‘We educate leaders who make a difference in the world’, the qualities they expect in their candidates should exemplify this vision. This is where it can be difficult to cultivate an approach that shows this sufficiently in a few questions and supporting documents.

Understanding How to Get Admission in Harvard Business School for MBA

To start an application, you will first need to create an account on their official website. From there, the process is pretty straightforward with lots of information freely available. There is even an FAQ section on how to apply for Harvard MBA with well-explained answers to accompany each question.

common mistakes during harvard business school mba admission

Before you proceed with the application process, you should be aware that Harvard Business School has a list of requirements that should be checked through to ensure your eligibility:

  • A 4-year undergraduate degree or its equivalent, work experience
  • Previous academic transcripts” item_3_name=”GMAT/GRE results (no minimum score)\
  • TOEFL/IELTS/Pearson Test of English (PTE) if applicable
  • Up to date resume
  • Letters of recommendation (2)
  • Harvard MBA application essay (As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program? (no word limit))
  • Completed Application form and Harvard’s own Supplement
  • Signed Acceptance of HBS Admissions Policies

Have You Got What It Takes to Get into Harvard MBA Program?

For most people, the thought of being able to get into Harvard falls somewhere between going on a date with a famous Hollywood star or winning millions of dollars on the lottery. It is one of those places that really can seem impossible to get into but every year, some students do manage to achieve this so it is not impossible, just more difficult than many other institutions. By pouring over some recent Harvard Business School admission stats, you can start to build a picture of the kind of hard work needed if you are going to compete against other candidates:

  • Total number of applications to HBS: 9,543
  • Total MBA enrollment: 1,859
  • 12% acceptance rate
  • Average GPA of 3.71
  • Median GMAT results of 730
  • 55 months on average work experience

Most Common Mistakes People Make When They Apply to Harvard Business School

As you might imagine, there have been some pretty big guffaws through the years and not just with the Harvard business school MBA admission process. Most of the following mistakes are common to all applications so it is worth taking a good look through them so that you understand what to avoid:

  • Repeating the same information in various places: resume, application essay
  • Including information, they believe a review board wants to know and ignoring the main prompt
  • Failing to prepare for the interview
  • Not preparing adequately for the GMAT exam
  • Not enough research carried out on the offered program
  • Lacking clear leadership criteria that is crucial for Harvard candidates to show
  • Choosing the wrong people to supply letters of recommendation
  • Lying or over-exaggeration in places that don’t fit in with other details supplied
  • Submitting a generic resume or one that is not up to date
  • Not checking their work for errors

Debunking Some of the More Popular Myths Associated with Harvard Business School

There seems to be an endless list of rumors and myths which surround Harvard’s business school and while many of these myths may seem convincing, you can probably bet they were started through disgruntled candidates who failed to get in. Harvard’s business school MBA admission review board maintains that every application is judged solely on its own merits with a combination of factors reviewed to make a decision to ignore these myths that crop up:

  • You can’t get into Harvard if you are past the average age\
  • It’s impossible to overcome a low test score
  • You need recommenders who are alumni of the business school
  • You need to have at least five years of work experience before business school – quality not quantity counts!

Get to know what is needed for a successful Harvard business school MBA admission today!

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